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Masarat App provides cutting-edge Mobile apps design and development. We are passionate about digital and experts on Mobile solutions. Every project is different and tailored to our client’s unique needs. Whatever your situation calls for, we're innovative, agile and ready to help you achieve your goals!

About Us

There are many good reasons to work with Masarat App. One of them is that "we do new things the new way". Masarat App was born mobile and we have a "Post-PC" mindset. We have a proven record of successful apps and will bring to the table a world class talents in mobile design and development who will share with you their passion and know-how.
Our clients testify that we put ourselves in their shoes, we align our ambition with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business. This builds deep and enjoyable relationships.

We're living in a mass mobility era. We work, talk, play, and sleep with our smartphones. Customers behavior is changing and they are expecting more and more convenient mobile apps. However, not everyone is doing the right mobile math. According to IDC, 1/3 of enterprise mobile projects fail. Lack of skilled developers and inability to keep up with the pace of releases are some of the reasons behind this.
Whether you're a big brand or startup, you're embarking on a new business solution, or trying to revive a failing enterprise mobility project, We're here to help!

We're Agile. The values we embrace at Masarat are based upon the idea that Individuals and interactions are more important than processes and tools, and that what matters more is to deliver a Working software and not a comprehensive documentation. We believe also that collaboration is more efficient than contract negotiation.
Finally, we adopt an iterative approach to give you a chance to see the progress and adjust your vision, instead of disappearing for months at a time only to present something you might just not like in an always-on, 24-7 culture.

This is what we love to do.



We prefer to be involved with projects as early as possible to help guide a project to its best potential.

User Experience

Our mobile UX designers create intuitive interfaces that amazes the user and drives him back to the app.


We have a skillful team, which you can trust for establishing long-term partnerships and technical efficiency.


We offer our clients high level introductions to Mobile computing as well as hands-on prorgamming workshops.



Creative ideas
Mobile Market Analysis
Proof-Of-Concepts and experimentation



Mobile Concept design
Mobile UX design
Delightful Apps
Taking care of every single pixel



Native iOS and Android
Cloud-based services
Multi-Screens and Cross-Platforms



Beta testing
App Store publishing
Google Play publishing
Updates and Maintenance

These are our works.

Our Portfolio


Prayer times companion, Mobily Award 2013,
+20 Millions Downloads

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Feelic, Mood Network

Capture and share your feelings with friends!

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Lifestyle, Social Network

eKare inSight™

Deliver best-in-class 3D Wounds measurement
and managing at your finger tips!

Produced by eKare, developed by Masarat and eHmisa.

Visit eKare website! eKare inSight Video!

Healthcare, Business


Offical App of GCC Countries Stastical Center,
Interactive charts and statistics about
GCC countries economy and population.

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e-Commerce App

Developed for Lagyy Qatar. e-Commerce platform
linking vendors to buyers of constructions material.

Visit Lagyy Website!



The Relationship Concierge App to nurture relationships, Produced by Necter Labs, developped by Masarat and eHmisa

Visit Rolodexter Website!

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Construction Projects Management

Developed for Dyar Al Mansour. Fields
Management App, Project Progress and Quality monitoring.



Customers will have your products at fingertip. iCatatlog solution by Masarat is ready to use and can be integrated to your databases in few weeks.

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Smart RCAR

Developed for RCAR, this app allows subscribers of
RCAR (Moroccan pension fund) to view payments status and simulate pensions.

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Developed for Dotcom Arabia, Irhal
Arabic/English Islamic Travel City Guides Halal Restaurants, Mosques and Prayer Timings

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Dirisha, Classified Ads

Developed for Drisiha, this mobile app
allows users and advertisers to share Ads and offers.

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Arabic Alphabet

Give your kid the joy to learn
Arabic Alphabet in an interactive way!

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Quran Star

Developed for Araboh. This app is
a new way to read and learn the Quran
aimed at a new generation of Muslims.

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iQetab, Fatima Al Fihria

Iteravtive story for Kids about Fatima,
the founder of the oldest
university in the world!

iQetab Trailer.

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iQetab, Omar Ibn Abdelaziz

Your child will meet a great Hero
and learn about his dedication, courage, and achievments!

iQetab Trailer.

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Izwiln s tmazight

Developed for IRCAM, Interactive app for kids to
learn Amazigh Alphabet and Vocabulary!

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Awal inu amzwaru

Developed for IRCAM, Interactive app for kids to
learn Amazigh Numbers!

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Home Health Kiosk

Vitals measurements, medication, reminders and doctors notifications!
Let us take care of you everytime and everywhere.

Coming soon!


Some of the best.

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